Research in Motions AWESOME twitter team at @BlackBerryHelp are nearing 1 Million followers, and to celebrate on November 1st at 7pm EST they will be hosting a Twitter chat with the hashtag #My1stBlackBerry.

I shared #My1stBlackBerry Experience with you just the other day and many of you contributed with telling us about your first BlackBerry. Thank you for that!

Lets show support for @BlackBerryHelp for the fantastic job they do by joining the Twitter chat. If you use twitter but have never experienced a Twitter chat, it is pretty simple. Just follow the hashtag #My1stBlackBerry. You can do this using T4BB by saving the search, and just refreshing.

Those of you with BlackBerry devices who have never tried Twitter, give it a shot. Be careful #TeamBlackBerry is a pretty addictive team on Twitter full of helpful and fun people. I go by @StephenBB81 feel free to follow me and ask questions leading into the Twitter chat.

Below is the announcement:

In a short amount of time, the team behind our @BlackBerryHelp Twitter® account will be celebrating a huge new milestone: breaking the one million follower mark! To celebrate this milestone, we want to talk 1:1 with #TeamBlackBerry and learn more about your personal histories, such as your first BlackBerry® smartphone or a unique experience you may have had with #TeamBlackBerry. So whether you are just getting started with a BlackBerry device or a long-time veteran, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how we’re doing and how we can better assist you in the future!

To take part in this Twitter chat, all you need to do is follow the @BlackBerryHelp Twitter account, and on November 1st at 7pm EST, search for the hashtag #My1stBlackBerry.

To help you get the most out of this Twitter Chat, here are a few tips:

  • Introduce yourself when you join
  • Be polite and friendly towards other participants
  • Use the hashtag #My1stBlackBerry for all tweets during the chat
  • When questions are asked using the format of Q1/Q2/Q3, indicate which question you are responding to by using the same format to respond; i.e. A1/A2/A3
  • Share tweets with your followers using the retweet option
  • If you are using the Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones app to follow along, consider using the Saved Search option to follow the chat


We look forward to chatting with you soon!