BlackBerry seeks to take 2014 and beyond by four approaches. You’re going to see BlackBerry attack four target segments with devices tailored for the Affordable, Classic, Innovative, and Prestige audiences.

As we confirmed there would not be a high-end all-touch device this year, which so many claimed we were incorrect about, we detailed these new devices earlier:


And BlackBerry further describes how they believe each device is emblematic of its user:


You could easily make jokes about the way (whomever it was) decided who each device targeted. At least we see BlackBerry targeting four unique aspects of their overall active user base. This should hopefully mean higher receptiveness and increased profitability. Perhaps, even regain some lost marketshare.

Furthermore, as shown in the roadmap above, BlackBerry intends to release the BlackBerry “Windermere” Passport and the BlackBerry “Khan” P’9983 at the same time in Q3 2014. This will also usher in the release of OS 10.3 and the new Blend software to allow you access to BBM, emails, calendar, and more on your computer or tablet.

Later on in Q4 2014 we will OS 10.3.1 update apparently to the BlackBerry “Q20” Classic and current “in life” devices, which looks to include the Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5, and Z3. Interestingly enough, the BBOS 7 device BlackBerry 9720 looks to continue its life indefinitely into 2015.

The only thing that has struck us as odd on the roadmap is there is no specific mention of when the BlackBerry “Q20” Classic or the BlackBerry “Manitoba” Z3 LTE will release in 2014. Could we possibly see these device postponed until early 2015? Time will tell, though unlikely.

The year 2014 is a crucial year for BlackBerry. Much has led up to this year and how the market embraces these upcoming device is critical the company’s success and future actions. Nevertheless, as always keep it locked to N4BB for the best insider information on BlackBerry.

To see the slides in expanded view, check them out in the gallery below: