Gold Lock Enterprise, created by the Israeli Government, is a new triple layer end-to-end encryption suite that has been made for Blackberry’s. The software utilizes AES 256-bit and Elliptic Curve 384-bit encryption
for protecting data and Diffie Hellman 4096-bit key exchange protocol
for securing key transfers. All encryption is executed using the
protected device’s native processing power, so no additional hardware
or training is required. Gold Lock says that they are so sure their app secures all encrypted data and voice communications, file transfers and SMS messaging. Despite numerous attempts made both by internal Gold Lock experts and
external hacker teams, not a single successful decryption has ever been
executed since 2003.

Sounds interesting, but just how secure is your Blackberry already? Granted Blackberry’s aren’t a Sectera Edge or Qsec, but the BlackBerry, usually (data) gets encrypted before it leaves the
network operations centre, then gets re-encrypted when it gets to the
BES, then a third time when it hits the device. With the recent aquisition of Certicom by RIM, Blackberry’s should be getting even better security. Once RIM utilizes Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), which is also used by Motorola, IBM and a number of others, will an app such as Gold Lock be necessary? It could be if you’re a secret agent…

Check out Gold Lock here.