IDC has released its latest report today outlining global smartphone market share numbers, and for BlackBerry, the numbers aren’t pretty. According to the report, BlackBerry’s market share is now down to 0.4% worldwide. The new numbers from 2014 represent a heavy drop of over 69% year-over-year from 1.9% in 2013. BlackBerry is the only major player out of the four included in the report, to ship less devices in 2014 than in the previous year.

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IDC credits BlackBerry with 5.8 million devices moved in 2014, sharply down from the 19.2 million devices the company shipped the year before.

On the other side of the spectrum, leading the way in global smartphone market share – and by a lot – is Android. As a whole Android OEMs shipped over 1 billion devices in 2014. This has raised Android global smartphone market share up to a ridiculous 81.5%. As for #2, Apple’s and its iOS-powered devices also shipped more than in 2013, but lost 0.3% market share and is now down to 14.8% overall.

Like BlackBerry, Microsoft’s Windows platform lost some market share in 2014. Even though they added 34.9 million devices last year, the sheer growth of smartphones worldwide (27% year-over-year) lowered their global footprint to just 2.7%.

How will these numbers affect BlackBerry’s hardware division going forward? Only time will tell.