As with every other company in the world, BlackBerry executives and employees come and go over the years. Once in a while though, you come across certain employees that really stand out for their incredible hard work, and enthusiasm. A perfect example of that is Heidi Davidson.

While some of you many not be familiar with her, anyone that has worked a BlackBerry press event or has come across her infectious personality on Twitter knows how valuable she was to the company. This is why we were extremely saddened yesterday when we heard she’s leaving BlackBerry. Now that the news has officially been confirmed, we decided to share some words to let everyone know how much we at N4BB appreciated all she did for BlackBerry and our community.


Heidi Davidson has worked at BlackBerry since 2011, and was serving as SVP of Corporate Communications for the company. She has been one of the few executives that worked with co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, CEO Thorsten Heins, and CEO John Chen in that span.

Heidi is known for being the biggest BlackBerry fan around – both on and offline. She’s worked closely with the BlackBerry Elites program over the past couple of years, and has been an invaluable resource to all the BlackBerry news blogs during her tenure at the company.

Heidi, thank you for everything you’ve done these last few years. Good luck with whatever you end up doing next. We’re sure you’re going to kick butt at that too.