AT&T hasn’t seen too many iPhone activations over the 2nd quarter. In fact, the company only saw a 3% increase. Much was speculated due to the mounting rumor of the ‘iPhone 5’ being the totally new designed device versus the bump with the iPhone 4S.

Nevertheless, the case may be even more convoluted then that. BGR is reporting from anonymous sources that AT&T has ordered its retail staff to sell anything but iPhones. More specifically, they’re being told to push customers to Android and Windows Phone so they can “make an informed decision.”

Perhaps AT&T’s lack of motivation to push the iPhone on everyone who walks in the door will open up a window of opportunity for a customer to discover a BlackBerry device. If you have an AT&T store near you, maybe try it out and see how they re-act. If you record your experience we’ll publish it if you can get them to “sell” you a BlackBerry.

via BGR