BlackBerry has announced it kicks off today the second Be Mobile Conference for Latin American media. The event will focus on the topic of mobile security and how current and future security trends are impacting governments, enterprises and individuals around the world.

“BlackBerry is the gold standard when it comes to secure mobile communications,” said Jorge Aguiar, BlackBerry’s Regional Director for Latin America. “As the global conversation on the importance of mobile security becomes more prominent, the significance of the unique mobile enterprise solutions BlackBerry provides has grown still further. This year’s Be Mobile Conference will offer a wealth of information on mobile security trends that our large base of enterprise customers and more than 500 government customers across Latin America need to understand.”

The Be Mobile Conference 2014 is a two day event for media that will include lectures from world-renowned security experts, interactive presentations and live demonstrations of BlackBerry’s advanced enterprise mobility solutions, panel discussions and debates on mobile security trends.

The full program for the Be Mobile Conference is available at: Among the guest speakers presenting at the event will be:

— Bruce Schneier: An internationally renowned security technologist,
called a “security guru” by The Economist. He is the author of 12 books
— including Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust that Society Needs
to Thrive — as well as hundreds of articles, essays and academic
papers. His influential newsletter “Crypto-Gram” and blog “Schneier on
Security” are read by over 250,000 people.

— Jeff Holleran: As Senior Director, Enterprise Product Strategy at
BlackBerry, Jeff Holleran is responsible for setting the product
strategy and roadmap for BlackBerry’s enterprise software offerings.
Jeff has also held leadership roles in product management, technical
sales and solutions development since joining BlackBerry in November,

— Andrew Lippman: One of the founders of the world-famous MIT Media Lab,
Andy is one of the world’s foremost researchers on the evolution and
impact of technology and media on business, society and everyday life.

— John Sileo: CEO of The Sileo Group, a privacy and security think tank
that helps organizations protect the data that drives their profits. His
body of work includes engagements with the Pentagon, USA Today, Blue
Cross, the FDIC, Pfizer, 60 Minutes, Homeland Security, and
organizations of all sizes.


— Jay Gumbiner: Oversees IDC’s Latin America research organization,
managing diverse teams of hardware, software and services analysts
spread throughout the region, providing analysis across more than a
dozen countries in Latin America through quarterly, semiannual and
annual studies. These services provide detailed forecasts of the
region’s leading consumer and enterprise markets.

The conference can be followed on Twitter: @BlackBerryESP, @BlackBerry4Biz and via #bemobile.