BlackBerry is built on a security-first premise. This security matters to many professionals in business, brands and celebrities to keep data loss at a minimum.

The BlackBerry 10 Picture ‎Password feature automatically protects your device from a new hacker tactic called spatio-temporal dynamics.


As Ryan Blundell on Inside BlackBerry explains, “Spatio-temporal dynamics is a type of artificial intelligence that involves calculating the distance and relationship of objects. In an experiment conducted last year, the Syracuse researchers discovered thieves could use spatio-temporal dynamics to figure out smartphone passwords. Here’s how it’s done: the hacker videotapes someone using a phone, even if all he’s able to get is the back of the device and the movements of the user’s hands as they type. The hacker then applies an algorithm to the video footage that maps the position of the user’s hands to the known position of the phone’s keypad.”

“It’s like lip reading,” said Vir V. Phoha, a professor in the electrical engineering and computer science department at Syracuse and a coauthor of the research paper, Beware, Your Hands Reveal Your Secrets!. “Based on hand movement and the known geometry of the phone, we can see which keys are pressed.”

Picture Password can easily be setup in BlackBerry 10. Picture Password allows you to pick a number and location, where you then drag the number (located at revolving placements) to the point selected on the picture.

Check out Picture Password on BlackBerry 10 in our hands-on video. To setup Picture Password, following these steps:

Find the Picture Password in Settings > Security and Privacy > Device Password


Check The picture password check box to on.


Select a picture or use one of your own.

Picture Password BlackBerry 10

Select Number and Drag anywhere you want and Confirm it.

Picture Password not only provides you with a quick and easy way to unlock your device, it also helps prevent other types of attacks such as:

  • Smudge Attack – Picture Password always shows a random number grid whenever you unlock your device, which means you never follow the same pattern. In other words, because you always move your number from a different location on the grid, an attacker cannot establish a smudge pattern.
  • Shoulder Surf Attack – When using a regular password, someone could look over your shoulder while you enter it. Picture Password prevents this situation from occurring by drawing a random number grid and varying the size of the grid. For example, in addition to a random number grid, the grid size also randomly changes increasing and decreasing the amount of rows and columns to reduce the shoulder attack vulnerability.
  • Brute Force Attack – Picture Password addresses brute force attacks by limiting the number of guesses, varying the size, location, and pattern of the grid numbers and requiring minimum movement of the number grid.



  1. Swipe down from the top of the home screen
  2. Tap Settings > Security and Privacy > Device Password
  3. Set the Picture Password switch to On
  4. Enter your device password
  5. Complete the instructions on the screen

Picture Password Tips

Detailed pictures

  • To increase security, avoid using a basic picture and use a detailed picture instead. The more detail, the more unique points you can use as your target!

Drag any from anywhere

  • After you unlock your device, you can drag your finger anywhere on the screen so that you have a clear view of where the number is moved. Tapping anywhere allows you to prevent someone from identifying what your number is, but also makes it easy for you to guide your number so it lands on the target.

Reset your password remotely

  • BlackBerry Protect provides the ability to reset your password remotely so if you can’t remember your Picture Password, or your device password, visit

When enabled, instead of unlocking your device using a password, you’ll be shown a picture and a grid of random numbers. To unlock your device, tap anywhere on the screen and drag the number grid until your number is on top of a specific spot.