One of the most annoying things about driving a car is hitting a pothole. These holes on the road can wreck havoc on your car, but thankfully QNX is working on some tech that should help you avoid them along with other hazardous road conditions.

“If a car is hitting a crazy bump at a similar GPS location and other cars are doing the same, (the vehicle) can actually share that information with the municipality . . . Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually prioritize the problems?” asked Derek Kuhn, vice-president of sales and marketing at QNX.

Along with this road-sensing tech, QNX is always working on making elevator repairing much, much easier. Derek Kuhn says QNX’s technology take sensors and use them inside of the elevator to help mechanics figure out exactly what the problem is before even being there. This would allow them to get replacement parts or whatever else is necessary ready on the way to fix it. “We are able to share things so there can be efficiencies,” Kuhn says.

And that’s the essence of QNX and BlackBerry as a whole: efficiency. It’s great to see someone thinking outside the box of smartphones, computers and tablets, and working on also making life a bit easier in other sectors.

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