BlackBerry has arguably had lackluster branding in recent years. However, one thing that has always unanimously remained with the company is their image being synonymous with business.

To reiterate the company’s continued strength and focus, BlackBerry has hired brand company Gyro. The new campaign looks to reposition BlackBerry as the company that offers “Serious Mobility for Serious Business,” and coincides with the debut of the company’s new smartphone, the Passport.

BlackBerry’s new CEO, John Chen, was tapped to bring the struggling company back from the “dead.” Thus far, investors and media are beginning to realize Chen’s efforts and direction is working, with the recent Q2 FY2015 earnings report solidifying this sentiment.

Gyro has been tasked with creating all of BlackBerry’s worldwide core sales and marketing assets, campaign guidelines and messaging for the integrated global “Serious Mobility for Serious Business” campaign.

“BlackBerry is the most relevant brand when it comes to mobility in serious business,” said Christoph Becker, CEO and chief creative officer, Gyro. “There is nothing better than being seriously productive in your job,” which BlackBerry has always sought to offer its customers. “It’s in their DNA,” Becker added. “BlackBerry understands serious business…Being able to bring back a beloved icon like BlackBerry is the best job ever for an ad agency.”

Neither company has disclosed how much BlackBerry is spending on the new marketing campaign. However, according to Kantar, in the past BlackBerry spent about $95 million in the U.S. on ads in 2013, $67 million of which was spent in the first half, before it began refocusing the company’s priorities and strengths. In the first half of this year, it was measured U.S. media spending totaled $2 million.

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