BlackBerry has been redesigning the Intelligent Assistant in OS 10.3. The Voice Controls will more in tuned with the likes of Siri, Google Now, and Windows Phone’s Cortana.

Rather than build from in-house and the ground up, BlackBerry looks to have requested the support of local Waterloo company Maluuba.

Maluuba currently offers its natural language personal assistant on Android and Windows Phone. With Maluuba you can do searches for restaurants, movies, events, and businesses along with scheduling of alarms, reminders, and meetings as well as voice dialing, texting, and emailing.

The two company’s working in tandem seems like the perfect match. Current bundled files in OS 10.3 point to Maluuba support. Our own James Nieves was in touch with Phil Tregenza, Maluuba’s Manager of Developer Relations, who ominously iterated on Twitter that we should be “happy sometime in the future.”

When BlackBerry 10 first launched, BlackBerry did not put much stock into a personal assistant feature. However, it has since become a must-have feature since Siri revolutionized the way users quickly and efficiently do voice controls.