On Saturday night, a little rumor seemingly came out of nowhere, that pointed to Chinese-owned Lenovo considering another bid to purchase BlackBerry, and that it could come as early as this week. Since the report came out over the weekend, today, BlackBerry’s stock ($BBRY) has shot up over the $10 mark and some analysts believe this latest rumor to be the cause of it.

When you think about it, it really does make sense for the stock to react this way, given the fact that the original report suggests that Lenovo would be willing to pony up $15-$18 a share for the company. That’s almost double of what it was when the market opened up this morning.

Now, we must emphasize this again. This rumor does not mean BlackBerry is for sale. CEO John Chen has made that very, very clear recently. A company does not have to have a ‘For Sale’ sign up for other businesses to be interested in it, and even make an offer for it. As many already know, even if Lenovo were to make an offer, and BlackBerry accepted, the Canadian government would probably block it anyways, unless some crazy circumstances popped up. However, this doesn’t mean these rumors can’t have some substance to them though.

If they indeed make a private bid, this would mark the second time Lenovo makes a run at the Canadian giant, with the first one leaving them empty-handed. As MobileSyrup notes, Lenovo is apparently trying to also get into the IoT realm with a separate division of their own next year. Could they be looking to purchase just QNX from BlackBerry instead of going after the whole company? Again, it’ll be interesting to see if and when Lenovo does make an offer, how much it’s for, and what it includes.

Don’t freak out just yet. BlackBerry isn’t going anywhere. The stock is doing well, Passports are selling like hotcakes, and the man in charge, John Chen, knows what he’s doing.