BlackBerry has been on an uphill battle, arguably since Apple released the iPhone in 2007 and Verizon Wireless forced BlackBerry to release the Storm.

Despite the significant loss of marketshare, BlackBerry has remained an innovator in smartphone hardware and software technology.


BlackBerry’s latest CEO, John Chen, was brought in to help steer the sinking ship back to profitability. Chen has sought much cost-cutting, which has resulted in a leaner company garnering the last two quarters in the black.

Chen faces immense pressure to hold true to his turnaround plan and please investors. The harsh reality of failure remains ever present on Chen’s mind.

“Right now, I know it’s impossible,” Chen said in an interview with Business Insider. “I should leave now because if I stay longer, it will be on me.”

“But it will work,” Chen concluded, reiterating his strong belief that his plan will see BlackBerry remain profitable.

Chen says the key to bringing the company back to profitability is to not let the obstacles in the way bring you down.

“People like us, who like to tackle a tough problem, who focus on turnarounds and trying to save enterprises and businesses, we like tough challenges,” Chen said. “It’s like emergency room doctors. It’s not like it doesn’t get to you — it does get to me, but we can’t let it drag us down.”

Despite all odds, BlackBerry’s fearless leader isn’t worried that his plan may fail.

“I’m not too concerned about how tough this is,” Chen said. “Sometimes things are so bad that you find out over time that you laugh at it, but you get up and run again.”