Just downloaded that new sweet app all of your BBM friends are talking about? Chances are some of them are sending you invites to download the same app.

But you already have it downloaded. That could get really annoying, very quickly. Luckily, BlackBerry was two steps ahead and already thought of that same issue.

Thus, they put into place an option to block future invites for the same app. We’ll use our friend Xitij as an example. He didn’t know that Battery Guru app was already downloaded and he sent an app invite.

You can see all of your BBM invites by swiping over the left navigation bar.


Click on the ‘Invites’ tab to see all of your invites for new contacts and app invites.


After you’ve clicked on the app invite it will give you two options at the bottom in the action bar. You can either download the app (which takes you to BlackBerry World) or ignore the invite, like so:


In the Ignore options screen you can choose to either ignore the contact, ignore future invites to download the specific app, or both.

We’ll choose just to ignore future requests to download the app we already have installed. It’s as simple as that. Happy BBMing!