Before the first unveiling of the BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition it was joked to us by BlackBerry employee that it would be the color Fuchsia.

Nonetheless, we’ve come to know the Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 wasn’t too far from Fuchsia on the color wheel. Red being the official color choice for the Z10 LE.

What if there were other colors lingering around? Hip hop artist Lil E, known for the famed track “No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10”, tweeted out a very convincing photo.

A blue BlackBerry Z10, possibly Limited Edition version, was shown off. We don’t doubt that BlackBerry tested multiple color variations of the Z10. It’s just a shame they didn’t let you pick what color you wanted for your Limited Edition Z10. Let us know in the comments which color you would’ve wanted for the Limited Edition Z10.

P.S. Lil E, blue is my favorite color. In fact, I obsess about the color blue. Let me know what you want for it 😉

via BBOS