Bolt browser has come out of beta stage 3 and is now an official release with version 1.5. The new browser is said to be 15% faster than the last beta. They’re not lying, as we speed tested the Bolt browser against Opera Mini 5, and we were pretty impressed how much quicker Bolt was. Other new features include:

  • the ability to stream videos of any length 
  • dedicated search bar
  • download manager that downloads files directly
    from BOLT
  • improved navigation and
    text rendering
  • caching feature that enables browsing back to a
    previously visited page without waiting to reload.
Granted, the ability to stream video and download items online is awesome. We give kudos to Bolt for making these features available. The only downside we noticed was the lack for support on touchscreen devices. On the Blackberry Storm we tested with, it was a pain to manually pull the keyboard each time you wanted to enter in text. It wouldn’t be too bad on a Blackberry with a standard qwerty-keyboard.

The Bolt browsers aesthetics are mediocre in comparison to the recently released Opera Mini 5. The primary way of navigating (constantly having to use the BB options button) through the Bolt Browser just seemed a little archaic to most mobile browsers.

In the end, the Bolt browser isn’t a terrible browser. It is the fastest browser we’ve seen so far. It’s a great browser to stream videos and download images from. It may just require a bit of patience for the extra steps it requires to go anywhere. We suggest the use of Bolt to watch videos and Opera Mini 5 to surf the web will be a great combo on your Blackberry.

To get the Bolt browser, from your mobile click here.

Our Rating: 3.5 / 5