Are you currently an Android or iOS user hoping to get or missing when you had BBM? Are you a teenager who wants a smartphone, but do not have a lot of cash to spend? I found a couple of friends of mine in similar situations. I have thought of some possible solutions. How do you go about getting a BlackBerry on a budget? Well, let’s look at these amazing deals I was able to find:

1.) Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Now carries a fleet of BB5, a BB6 and BB7 device in its prepaid portfolio. All these phones are extremely low priced. They are:
  • BlackBerry Curve 8530 – For $99.99 you can get this older, but a good BB5 Device. With a cheap unlimited $50 a month it’s an absolute steal!
  • BlackBerry Style 9670 – This phone was an original Sprint exclusive that finally made it to the prepaid carrier.  One of my absolute favorite BlackBerrys of all time, this sleek device comes with dual screens, BB6 and a 5MP camera. The Style 9670 isn’t showing on the official Boost Mobile website, but it’s 100 percent available at Boost Mobile Locations. Last time I checked it was on sale for $149.99 and can be used with the $50 dollar everything unlimited plan.
  • BlackBerry Curve 9310 – Boost Mobile has finally received some BB7 goodness! This phone is sleek, cheap at $99 (and .99 cents lol) and is a fantastic choice for the budget-minded.  The Curve 9310 is great for people who might want a cheap BB7 device for straightforward emailing or someone who might want a secondary phone for BBM. The reason I say this is that the device comes with the ability to purchase a cheaper BBM-only plan that overtime can shrink to only $35. If i had a teenager in the house this would be his/her phone!

2.) Metro PCS

This is another CDMA carrier that has the famous unlimited everything plan. Metro PCS’ is priced at  $60 a month.  This carrier makes sense for the Latin community due to their amazing South American long distance offerings. Here’s the devices it offers:

  • BlackBerry Curve 8530 – This smartphone would set you back only $149.99 and $60 per month after that.  What makes this a great deal is that you have unlimited EVERYTHING, including GPS and other awesome services. Great for people who are about to get their first smartphone.
  • Some newer BlackBerrys can be Metro PCS flashed to work on the network. Of course, there is mild risk in having that done.

3.) T-Mobile Prepaid

My absolute Favorite! For $60 a month you can get any GSM BlackBerry on the MAGENTA network! There are currently no special sales for this prepaid deal. You can purchase any GSM BlackBerry (as long as it’s unlocked or a T-Mobile branded BlackBerry) and you are on your way. Some really good deals are happening now on eBay and there always crazy deals at your local craigslist!  A little advice for any one who might want a cheap device for this network: you can find a Wind Canada version of the Curve 9380 for less than $200 brand new! Then you can just unlock it here at N4BB Unlock Code store and you have an awesome device with FULL 3G +FM RADIO.


Those are some great deals if you wanted a BlackBerry on a budget. The beauty is you can enjoy all the BlackBerry awesomeness and still not have to commit yourself to a contract while waiting for BlackBerry 10. If you know of any deals we didn’t mention, please comment and let the community know of them. Make sure you check our Curve 9310 unboxing video and stay tuned for our full review coming soon.