Until now, creating Augmented Reality (AR) worlds had been a niche reserved to those with extensive programming experience. On the stage of Mobile World Congress 2012 taking place in Barcelona, Wikitude announces the launch of the myWorld feature in its Wikitude World Browser. With myWorld users now have the power of creating their very own AR World directly from their mobile device. Best of all myWorld users can allow their Facebook friends to enter their AR World as well. Available on Android, iOS and BlackBerry handsets myWorld also syncs with places created in Evernote.

With myWorld, users can easily create their very own and highly personalized AR World. Places can be created in real time on their smartphone or by interacting with a world map via the Wikitude myWorld Facebook App on the web. It allows the creation of a global AR experience for themselves and their friends while either on the go, or from the comfort of their home.

“Using myWorld is a great way to help you mark and remember your favorite restaurants, concert venues and other places that have meaning to you. And the fun really gets going once you start sharing your AR world with friends. We are very excited to be the ‘first’ to put the power of creating Augmented Reality into the hands of the end consumer” commented Martin Herdina, Wikitude CEO.

Users can, add descriptions, photos and comments to their places to make them fun and informative for their Facebook friends. Evernote users are also able to sync their notes directly with myWorld so that those special places cannot only be remembered forever, but geographically placed for friends to explore.

For more information on myWorld: www.wikitude.com/myWorld, a  demo of myWorld: bit.ly/zWno2b