Research In Motion launched its Built for BlackBerry platform, which gets the BlackBerry brand behind specific apps. These apps have had to meet strict criteria in order to have been accepted into the Built for BlackBerry program.

Not all apps submitted to the program can be accepted. Alec Saunders from RIM says:

“To be as transparent as possible, there have been many apps submitted that do meet these criteria. We’ve had over 900 Android apps submitted to the Built for BlackBerry program – and Android apps do not qualify for the program in any way. Neither do web launchers, simple apps that mobilize content with RSS feeds, flashlight apps, etc… The expectation is that apps certified as Built for BlackBerry have been designed, developed, and polished to provide an amazing experience for our BlackBerry 10 customers. I say our because BlackBerry 10 customers are your customers too.”

A Built for BlackBerry app or game must:

  • Focus on delivering intended content, keeping the screen as uncluttered of controls as possible.
  • Implement gesture and flow techniques, such as peek gestures, for fluid user interaction.
  • Provide effective processor, memory, and power management.

An example to follow for what is an acceptable Built for BlackBerry app is FancyTran (pictured Above). FancyTran brings their highly rated app to a new level with FancyTran on BlackBerry 10. The entire app can be navigated with just your thumb – allowing you to quickly dictate and translate from 14 languages to over 60 languages. FancyTran also leverages the BlackBerry Payment Service to easily allow customers to purchase the full version of the app once it’s downloaded from BlackBerry World.

If you were denied acceptance into Built for BlackBerry, take some time to analyze your app or game and see if it matches the criteria and example found in this article.