If you’re an NFL fan, the last two days have represented a crazy time in the league’s free agency period. Players are being cut, signing with different teams or being traded. It’s a pretty fun time to be a fan of football. When you’re job is keeping track of all this madness though, it can get a little hectic. ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter is the man when it comes to the latest news on this front, and guess what device he still relies on to get things done? That’s right, a BlackBerry.

In a 2011 interview, Schefter was quoted as saying, “My BlackBerry is more important to me than some of my bodily organs. For my job my BlackBerry is vital. Everyone has something that is vital for their job, and for me it happens to be my BlackBerry. My phone is always by my side.”

In June of 2012, Adam Schefter surprised a ton of people when he announced he was actually retiring his BlackBerry and getting an iPhone 4. He tweeted, “Breaking News: Retiring my Blackberry and switching to Iphone4. Blackberry will always hold a special place with me. But need to let her go.” The tweet has since been deleted; probably when he realized he would still need it and use it.

Yes, Schefter still uses his iPhone. Hoever, if you were to look at his Twitter account (@AdamSchefter), you’d notice most of them are sent from UberSocial for BlackBerry, which brings me to my next point: Can someone at BlackBerry please get this man a Q10?

UberSocial has not brought their app from BBOS to BB10, so it’s obvious he’s still using an older legacy device. I’m not sure if BlackBerry has tried to contact Adam already and get him over to BlackBerry 10, but if they haven’t, they should. They have previously reached out to BlackBerry-loving reporters like Piers Morgan, and helped them make the switch to the new gen of devices, so this should also be the case with Schefter.

People already think BlackBerry is endorsing him, so why not help him out?

Maybe he’s waiting for the Q20 though. We all know how much those hardcore legacy BlackBerry owners love their trackpad.