Just kidding around, unless you really would like to drop $599.99 on a clock app for yours truly. BUT you would have to act fast, as this limited edition clock is apparently limited to only 100 purchases! The description goes something like this:

Be (maybe) the only one in your country with the GOLDEN LIGHT special desktop clock on your phone. Get now one of the worldwide only 100 limited download edition special GOLDEN LIGHT clock for your homescreen. Created exclusive for BlackBerry® Smartphones.

An elegant blend of classic and modern design style makes the GOLDEN LIGHT limited desktop clock a special addition to any sophisticated wardrobe.

So far the clock app has received one very positive review. Your guess is as good as mine as to think they had actually spent the cash for the app. This app reminds me of the time I spent $499.99 on Fortunatus, which was basically ‘an app for rich people to communicate with other rich people’.

If you feel like spending $599.99 on a digital clock, check it out in BlackBerry App World here. How it got accepted is, well, funny.