The leading smartphones in the industry were not built for business. Neither Android nor iPhone bring many of the necessary tenants of a purely productive, secure mobile experience. As Apple and Google take care of their own BYOD overflow they do so with devices not tempered for the arena.Security cannot be bolted on.

At an investment firm in New York City, privacy and mobile app performance are causing serious push back against the Bring Your Own Device policies in place. Many users are clamoring for their corporate BlackBerry’s back. One IT executive speaking on the privacy concerns of BYOD…”It’s a nightmare.”

It’s really the lack of consistency with the various would-be MDM providers. One offers a cool containerized solution but no push email notifications. In other instances applications wouldn’t at all work together e.g emails could not be sent through the Salesfoce app, or even a PDF be opened with GoodReader.

“The failure of these systems has to do with little things that drive users crazy,” the IT executive says. “We’re an investment firm with a hundred-something monkeys, everyone is super smart, everyone is a prima donna, and it’s very difficult to accommodate them.”

If that wasn’t enough, MDM software drains phone battery in mere hours. One kept hounding the servers and subsequently had to be removed from the platform. All of this falls at the scale of security. These companies let you bring your device but then lock you out of most of the functionality. Restricting the use of applications such as text messages. Driving a divide between IT and users.

“Maybe 60 percent of the people requested to go back to a BlackBerry and carry two devices,” the IT executive says. “We were shocked, blown away, by the privacy reaction.”

iPhones – Android these devices are consumer oriented and never designed for use in the strict enterprise setting. BlackBerry is the only real secure solution that ties together, and offers not only a productive experience, but one that is manageable for all devices. In the coming months with the launch of BES12, BlackBerry will be pushing this message even more to customers.

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