The Apple versus Samsung patent suit is getting pretty heated. Why would a BlackBerry enthusiast site be following ‘unrelated’ news? Some interesting facts may come of both competitors of Research In Motion. In fact, that’s exactly what is happening. The court has blocked Apple’s motion to dismiss ‘top-secret market research’ that Apple allegedly conducted in order to learn their market demographic for the iPhone.

“The surveys reveal, country-by-country, what is driving our customers to buy Apple’s iPhone products versus other products such as the Android products that Samsung sells, what features they most use, our customers’ demographics and their level of satisfaction with different aspects of iPhone,” Apple VP of product marketing Greg Joswiak wrote. “All of that information is set out in exacting detail in the proposed exhibits. No other entity could replicate this research because no other entity has access to the customer base that Apple has.”

If RIM hasn’t been following this patent suit closely, they should (and I’m sure they are). Apple’s competitors will now have an additional advantage over the fruitful (no pun intended) company. Knowledge is power. Do you think RIM can learn some valuable tips?

via All Things D