Canadians take pride in knowing BlackBerry was founded in their home country. Although, in recent years the sales and popularity of BlackBerry continues to slide in Canada, but BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen is focused to gain it back.

During the media Q&A session with John Chen, it was asked why is the Canadian market key to the success of BlackBerry in terms of executing strategy.

Chen said BlackBerry has done well outside of NA. Though, growth rate not as high in Canada, and the market is important for powerful mobile computing.

It’s important that BlackBerry starts at home (Canada), said Chen. Canadian customers from Government to Healthcare and Banking are the easiest to win back, he added.

Additionally, it was asked if Chen felt the BlackBerry Envy of the past will be here (Canada) again. Chen said he believes so based on the powerful mobility and productivity provided by devices like the Passport. Chen is hoping for new trends to be set.