While perusing through random Canadian electronics at best buy and future shop, I noticed that the 32GB Wi-Fi PlayBook is selling for only 150$ at Best Buy, Staples and Future Shop!  The 16GB Wi-Fi PlayBook is selling for the same price as well, as deal in itself too.  If you’re looking to get a 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook but didn’t want to break the bank, this is your chance.  The offer is available in stores and you can walk in to reserve your PlayBook if you like.

With such few quantities of PlayBooks left in the wild, you can bet the offer won’t last long.  This is the best price yet for a 32GB PlayBook.  Check to see with your local Canadian Best Buy. Future Shop, Staples.  Check out the proof below.  As far I know, the deals are only for Canada.  Note: 32GB PlayBooks at Staples for $150 are showing out of stock.