BlackBerry is weighing its options for strategic partnerships, going private, or an outright sale. “I know that they’re facing their challenges and they’re adjusting their firm internally … all I can say is, we wish them well, and we’re keeping a close eye on the situation,” said Industry Minister James Moore, during a Reuters interview.

If BlackBerry were to deem a sale as inevitable, Moore did not address if the Canadian government would prevent BlackBerry from being acquired by a foreign company. “We want them to do well, keep employing Canadians, keeping putting out innovative technologies and platforms, and we’re paying close attention.”

Although, last year Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he would like BlackBerry to grow as a “Canadian company.” If BlackBerry were to begin to privatize the company, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board have already expressed interest to invest.

Should the company go private, you can almost bet BlackBerry’s largest shareholder and past board member, Prem Watsa, would use his company Fairfax Financial to act as a partner.