The guys at Candid have let us know that they’ve released a major update to their app for BlackBerry 10. Version 3.0 is now available, alongside a simultaneous release for Android and iOS.

With Candid version 3.0, it introduces Spaces, sub-communities within the larger Candid community around common interests, such as food or photography, and around real-life communities such as colleges and workplaces. Spaces let people join conversations that are more relevant to them, and create new possibilities for interaction. Candid 3.0 also introduces a revamped UI and geolocation tagging, allowing people to better discover the stories near them.

“The response from our thousands of beta testers has been phenomenal, and we’re excited to bring Candid 3.0 to the rest of our users.” said Taylor Byrnes, Candid CEO. “When Candid launched we never imagined we’d get the level of enthusiasm and support we’ve received from our users, and we can’t wait to make Candid even better for them and those who haven’t yet discovered it.”

“The Candid experience is built on genuine user interaction, and this has led to many incredible stories in the months since Candid first launched” said Gyubok Baik, Candid CXO.

With the ability to express yourself anonymously, it has allowed such users like an Iranian dissident who chose Candid to criticize their government, and share their story of life under sanctions and dictatorship.

The new Candid 3.0 should get pushed to your BlackBerry device. Otherwise, you can download Candid today from BlackBerry World here.