A new catalog service has just been released. The name is Capptalog and it allows the sales teams to create dynamic, digital, media enriched catalogs of products or services through Capptalog’s web platform. These products can be viewed on mobile devices through their app, available now for the PlayBook and will be available for BlackBerry 10 devices when they are released. Here are some of Capptalog’s features:

  • Integrate all their products’ (or services) information in one single repository.
  • Include all the associated media for each of the products (videos, images, PDFs, HTML5
  • Manage an extremely flexible catalog structure (in terms of required levels, sublevels, sub-sublevels, and so on)
  • Include custom attributes for each of the products.
  • Showcase the catalog offline.  Each one of the users of the sales team can use Capptalog in one tablet and one smartphone (of our supported platforms).
  • Manage in an easier way the versions of the catalog.  Whenever an update to the catalog is performed by the Administrator, it is broadcasted to the whole sales team.