Card Wars Kingdom: Cheats and Strategies

Card Wars Kingdom is a popular new game from Cartoon Network inspired by an Adventure Time episode called Card Wars, which featured a card game tournament.

Currently soaring high in Apple’s App Store Top Charts, Card Wars Kingdom is a sequel to Cartoon Network’s highly popular Card Wars – Adventures, a game that’s been selling in the App Store for $3.99.


This recently released sequel, however, is available to download for free.

In this game, Jake needs to win an underground tournament for Card Wars. And here’s what you, as a player, must do in order to win the game.

Daily Missions

Completing daily missions is a very important step towards Card Wars Victory. Objectives in these missions vary but most are fairly easy to carry out. Completing these missions is a good way to earn precious Gems, as well as Bones – which players need in Treasure Cave.

Completing Global missions, however, yield far more gems than completing the normal daily missions.


Getting goodies is fairly easy in this game. In fact, it’s so easy that all that users will have to do is to log on to the game once a day. Doing so will automatically yield a skeleton chest, which contains different kinds of random goodies.

Different decks

Because Card Wars Kingdom is a trading card game, there is no guaranteed specific strategy for winning.

Instead, users get to come up with their own strategies by building decks.

At the start of the game, users get to keep a pack of cards with different play styles, courtesy of King Jake.

Decks do not have to follow a specific theme, and cards can actually be from different elements.

Many of the best decks in this game actually features totally different creatures, so users are encouraged to try mixing and matching everything.


Each card in Card Wars Kingdom exhibit unique play styles. Swampland cards, for example, damage enemies’ abilities and inflict negative ‘status effects’.

Niceland cards, on the other hand, exhibit positive ‘status effects’ as well as healing.


Making sure that the creatures are fed cakes that come from the same element as them actually yields the most benefit. In fact, it yields the much-coveted bonus experience points.

A good example of this is feeding a corn creature with a corn cake.

When it comes to creature fusion, the same thing still applies.

Above all, making certain that the entire team is well-balanced and leveled yields optimum results.

Keep in mind that keeping one extremely high-leveled creature among weak ones won’t actually do any good.


Floop cards

In Card Wars Kingdom, floop cards can actually be life savers. They can make or break a player’s victory.

So how do you get floop cards, you ask?

It’s actually pretty simple. When playing spell cards, a purple meter below the player’s character is displayed. Once this meter is full, users get a floop card.

Unlike the others, floop cards can be played for free — and they come in especially handy when making final moves on the opponent.

Do you have any more Card Wars Kingdom cheats and strategies that we haven’t yet mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!