Card2Contact for BlackBerry 3.0.1 is now available for download. This version brings new features including enhanced Contacts page to view the uploaded business cards, status of the business cards conversion or send email feature in App. It also has new pricing packages and Support feature.

There are tons of business card scanners on the market but most of them are not 100 per cent accurate. Typically, card scanner users still have to go in and fix some of the contact details manually when letters are misconstrued as numbers and vice versa. A new Blackberry App called Card2Contact, which launched last month, converts business cards into contacts and stores them directly into Blackberry Contacts with 100% accuracy – supported by the company’s Human Verification Workforce.

Card2Contact 3.0.1 allows to view the business cards you have uploaded and its conversion status in the Contacts Page. You can easily navigate the business cards either using the keypad or using the touch screen. For a quick and easy networking, App has a Send-Email button, which will send an Introduction email to the contacts immediately.

Support page allows you to enter comments or you can ask for a FREE Credit. You can choose comments from the dropdown and enter your review comments. Also, you can select Ask for a FREE Credit, if you would like to get another FREE credit to try the card conversion.

You have various pricing packages in the new release. You can purchase 15 credits for $4.99, 35 credits for $9.99 or 75 credits for $19.99 and each credit allows you to transcribe one business card.

With your BlackBerry and the Card2Contact App, you can take a picture of any business card, from anywhere and upload it to our Manual Transcription Team. Our team will ensure 100% accuracy and return the contact information to your device. You can view the contact anytime or add the information to your permanent contact address book on your BlackBerry. We work 24/7 to provide an unmatched turnaround time and a reliable transcription service.

Card2Contact is simple to install and use. It is a great App to add to your BlackBerry and use on a daily basis. It is the only BlackBerry solution to fully utilize the business card again as an easy and functional way of trading important contact information. Card2Contcact will help you to replace your little black contact book with your BlackBerry.

Check out the demo of Card2Contact in the video below:


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