Press Release

WATERLOO, ON, June 27, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — Business cards are difficult to manage when compared to other modern business solutions. Currently, there is no easy answer to convert business cards into contacts. That is where Card2Contact is addressing the value of easy conversions and the ability to engage contacts immediately.

The Card2Contact App is a reliable solution to convert business cards into contacts directly into the address book on your BlackBerry device and engage them effortlessly. Users can upload their business cards from their BlackBerry to the servers and the Card2Contact conversion team will handle the conversion within minutes. The contact will be returned to you with 100% accuracy, guaranteed. Users then have the ability to engage the new contacts immediately, by sending an email and converting the new contact into a connection, and ultimately sales, leads, and revenue.

The RIM Development Evangelism Team has a busy schedule meeting with developers at BB10Jam events worldwide. The team receives piles of business cards each month and they don’t have time to convert the business cards into contacts manually. There are scanners available that read the data on business cards by optical character recognition (OCR) and send the contact information to Outlook, but these solutions were riddled with problems. Also, the team wants to follow-up with new contacts immediately to address their questions and develop relationships.

The RIM Development Evangelism Team have partnered with Card2Contact to provide their team unlimited business card conversions for one year, with anticipation of growing the relationship further. “It has been great working with RIM and having the opportunity to develop our first corporate partnership with an organization that has revolutionized the worldwide wireless industry. The partnership has been a tremendous success, which we’re anticipating will help other organizations to see the value in Card2Contact as well.” said Chris McCleave, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Card2Contact.

Card2Contact also announced that the company is eager and ready for the anticipated launch of BlackBerry 10 platform. “When the new operating system is launched, we will be ready for a smooth integration for all of our users. This is going to be an exciting time for Card2Contact and BlackBerry users around the world.” said Madhu Kesavan, Founder of Card2Contact.

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