For some of you BlackBerry Storm2 owners, the touchscreen experience may not always be so great. From personal experience I can say that my Storm2 will not always ‘click’ when it’s supposed to. Luckily for us, RIM is taking the necessary steps to correct this problem. We first heard rumor about the changes from BerryScoop, who couldn’t quite confirm it, until they received a copy of an internal e-mail. We also have a VZW ninja who added a bit more info as to what is happening, and how this is a world-wide “recall”.

VZW has approved a hardware change to the
Blackberry Storm 2 (BB9550) devices to improve the touchpad performance.

RIM has added silicone actuators to the
touchpad to improve touchpad performance and tactile response. All New
and Certified Like-New Replacement devices produced by RIM starting on
February 10, 2010 contain the new hardware enhancement. Devices can be
identified by the Green dot on the master carton and/or date code on the
back of the device. (See below for details)
Customers experiencing touchpad performance
issues, provided all other warranty/eligibility requirements are met,
can be provided a Certified Like-New Replacement.

Devices by Date Code

    • The
      date code is located on the label in the battery cavity of the device as
      shown in the red circle below for either 3 or 6 digit date codes.
    • The
      following 3 digit date codes contain the new hardware changes:
        • C2A,
          D2A, E2A, F2A, G2A, H2A, I2A, J2A, K2A, L2A, M2A and N2A.
    • Starting
      on February 22, 2010 or later the date code is displayed on the device
      label in DDMMYY format (220210).
    • All
      devices with the above 3 digit date codes or 6 digit date codes contain
      the new hardware changes.
of Date Code on Label in Battery Cavity in Red Circle

It will be interesting to see how the other carriers implement this change. Will you be replacing your Storm2? Just remember, threaten to switch to AT&T if they won’t give you the replacement device…that will get them!