Today, as BlackBerry celebrates the release of the BEAUTIFUL and iconic qwerty keyboard bearing Q10 to the American market, I had the absolute pleasure to have a quick sit down with BlackBerry Chief Operating Officer, Kristian Tear. We spend a little time talking about the Z and Q , the amazing carrier support , the future of company innovation and some marketing/ sales questions that have been haunting our very own editor Stephen de Rusett

Today the Magenta Carrier launched the BlackBerry Q10 in stores, marking a very special moment for the company in the extremely fragile U.S. market. You could see the excitement when Mr. Tear took out his white Q10 to show me. “We are very excited to launch this device with all four major carriers supporting it”, he said. The device, which I have been using as my primary device for last few months, is an absolute workhorse and BlackBerry wants you to know that, “This is the perfect work device and once you leave the office it becomes a great consumer device, really the best of both worlds”.

Getting more into the actual device, we found out that the Q10 sports an updated radio with proprietary technology from Blackberry that makes the phone have much better reception in areas commonly known for lack of service, ” You can try it yourself “, he said ” Take the Q10 to a low coverage area and you can see the difference”.

The keyboard is also extremely impressive and something that BlackBerry worked on for a long time. “its hard to re-create the BlackBerry keyboard and I once was on the other side trying to do it” , “We know that a qwerty keyboard doesn’t mean slap on 30 keys on a device, it takes a lot of research and we own a lot of patents making it hard for others to replicate our keyboards”

The Q10 is part of the BlackBerry 10 family which mean it is as secure as they come. “Enterprises are very interested in this device as its the perfect device for CIO’s” Kristian said ” And a small warning for those in a BYOD environment make sure you are protecting yourself and choosing your device smart as nothing provides the security of a BlackBerry”, Kristian was adamant about people learning the risks of bringing a non BlackBerry device to a work environment.

If you are a fan of N4BB you know that our own editor Stephen has been adamant about the sales team being under the CMO instead of the COO. There is always a back and forth in our meetings between me and him so I decided to ask Kristian about that and his answer was a great one, “We have a great structure in our leadership and if you check most companies the sales team falls either the CMO or COO, Frank and I work together along Thorsten and Steven ( Zipperstein) as cohesive unit. We all share responsibilities , remember if you put too much money in marketing and don’ have the product you have an issue , if you have the product with no marketing you have an issue and if you have product and marketing and no carrier support you have a problem, that is why working as a cohesive unit benefits the company.” I couldn’t agree more with that statement and it seems the company has a great leadership team to lead us in the next generation of BlackBerry.


BlackBerry 10 , BlackBerry Q and Z10 and a leadership that finally understands the complexity of the industry. As we official celebrate the release of the Q10 in the states we can only look forward to many more surprises coming soon..