CellHelmet let us know about their new screen protectors they’ll be fully rolling out this September. What we were blown away by is their guarantee for the product. CellHelmet is so confident in the protection their screen protectors will offer your BlackBerry, that they guarantee its protection for a full year. If the screen were to get scratched while using the CellHelmet protector, they will replace your device’s glass screen for free (with handling fee of $25 for phones and $35 for tablets).

Currently, you can get an early bird special introductory pricing on CellHelmet before their release. For $12 you can get a set of 3 for your phone, or $22 for set of two for tablet. After the early bird pricing, CellHelmet screen protectors will MSRP for $19.99 and $24.99, respectively.

Here’s some key features you should know about CellHelmet:

  • PET material.  When you’re offering guaranteed protection, it’s important that you use some pretty tough materials.  cellhelmet™ Screen Protectors are crafted from PET – the same stuff that plastic bottles are made from.
  • High clarity.  When applied correctly, you’ll never even notice the cellhelmet™ Screen Protector is there.  Seriously, they’re that transparent.
  • No mess before or after.  Apply your cellhelmet™ Screen Protectors without any liquids and never have a sticky residue left behind, after they’re removed.
  • Flawless touch.  Touch screens are meant to be touched.  Touch your touch screen, just like you touched it before.  cellhelmet™ Screen Protectors will never interfere with the touch response of your touch screen.  Touchy, touchy, touchy. 
  • NO AIR BUBBLES!  Watch the video in the gallery, if you’ve ever had issues with air bubbles under your screen protector.  We promise it won’t happen with your cellhelmet™ Screen Protectors.  Seriously.  Watch.

On a BlackBerry? Click here for mobile YouTube video

CellHelmet will be available for the following BlackBerry devices:

  • Blackberry Bold 9000
  • Blackberry Bold 9700
  • Blackberry Bold 9900
  • Blackberry Bold 9930
  • Blackberry Curve 8300
  • Blackberry Curve 8520/8530
  • Blackberry Curve 9330/9300
  • Blackberry Curve 9370
  • Blackberry PlayBook
  • Blackberry Storm 2 9550
  • Blackberry Torch 9850/9860
  • Blackberry Torch 9800
  • Blackberry Tour 9630

We have two CellHelmet screen protectors to giveaway for the BlackBerry PlayBook! All you have to do to enter is follow the rules below:

  • You must be a registered member of N4BB. Make a comment to this post signalling your entry.
We will select the winners on August 23rd. Good luck and be sure to check out CellHelmet’s Indiegogo page for more details and to order your early bird pricing on their screen protectors.