Hedone Hawker let us know about his BlackBerry Developer Group he spearheads. They’ve created a special challenge for all BlackBerry Game Developers to win some pretty cool prizes. Here’s the details:

Together with Augmented Citizen – Dan Romescu we’ve prepared a challenge for you – BlackBerry Game Developers! All you need to do is to send “The Best Game” you developed in the last 12 Months to dromescu@augmentedcitizen.com (please use “Challenge For all Great BlackBerry Game Developers” as a Subject) before 05. February 2013. Be sure to include link to BlackBerry World and description.

Best three (3) developers will get Business tickets (worth 549EUR per winner) and Mentorship (worth 1.000EUR per winner) for the biggest Games Developers Conference in Germany – Quo Vadis!

If you’re new to the game development world, this could be a good way to have help in marketing, preparing, etc. Check out the Balkan BlackBerry Developer Group for more details here.