We’ve seen apps do a lot of useful, cool, surprising things, but have you ever seen an app control a bike? The Chameleon is an app controlled eBike that is seeking funding on Indiegogo to become a reality.

The Chameleon is a smart electric bike by Daymak Inc that can be customized to the driver, adapting features such as height and weight. It has a 84V battery capable of carrying 300 lbs on a 35 degree incline. It has an ecomode that can reduce power and therefore make the battery last a little longer.


Some of the Chameleon features are:

  • Daymak My eBike app with bluetooth controller, compatible with iOS and Android
  • Range of up to 37 miles/60km with standard battery over 75 miles/120km with the optional 84V 24AH lithium upgraded battery pack
  • 500W brushless motor classified as power assisted bicycle
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours with standard charger, 2-3 hours with fast charger 5A
  • Top speed: up to 40 mph/62km/hr set to street laws of 20 miles/32km/hr
  • Optional Daymak Solar case with add 6-9km per day
  • 15W panels with programmable LED lights for added visibility

All Chamaleon bikes with be equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, front and brake lights, signals, alarm system, horn and more. If you’re interested in funding this project or learning more about it, check out the Indiegogo campaign.