Sony Xperia Z3 users in Sweden have the opportunity to join Sony’s new “Android concept” initiative. The idea is to let users test a new version of Android on their Z3’s and provide feedback to Sony. “The initiative is all about letting you – our users – evaluate the software, so we can acquire feedback to improve the experience based on what you like and what you don’t,” says the Sony website.

Once registered, you’ll be given a new version of Sony-infused Android for your Xperia Z3. The “Android concept” initiative beta begins July 27 and runs until September 13.


The new version of Android by Sony is said to be built “from the ground up.” This means there won’t be Google Play Services and likely only the core Google communications software and Sony’s stack of custom apps like Camera, Music, and Xperia Lounge.

If you’re in Sweden, signup for the Sony “Android concept” initiative here.

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The Verge