Research In Motion’s full year outlook isn’t so bright, according to Financial Post. “Management doesn’t see reality the way the market sees it right now,” said Hoffman, who is based in Boston and has a “market underperform” rating on the stock. “I don’t see how they can get to US$1.82 [per share] when they’re facing all this competition.” BlackBerry 7 “catches up with phones that were launched 12 months ago,” he said. “We do not anticipate BB7 being competitive once those new versions of all those operating systems are in the market over the next few weeks.”

Don’t worry, not all is doom and gloom. RIM’s management might not be making the wisest decisions right now and we’ve already told them 5 things they should do to regain consumer faith in the brand. But as the analyst suggests above, the market doesn’t purely work off of faith and good hope. Now, imagine you were given full reigns of the company. We’d like to hear how you would change BlackBerry. What features would you add or take away? How would you like the devices to look? At what complexity or simplistic level would you want the device operating system to be? Or, is BlackBerry perfect already? Let the comments be your voice, and we’ll pick some of the top ‘liked’ ideas to include within this article.