Just got a BlackBerry 10 device? You’ll likely want to use your favorite search engine in the browser. Changing the default search engine in BlackBerry 10 is much easier than any other legacy BlackBerry.

[highlight style=’pear-green’] Step 1 [/highlight]

Open the browser. In the entry field begin typing what you want to search.


[highlight style=’pear-green’] Step 2 [/highlight]

This prompts a button at the top-right to appear, which opens a drop-down menu.


Select either Google, Bing, or Yahoo (which uses Bing anyways). That’s it. Now your preferred search engine will remain whatever you selected.

It’s not clear if this will be carrier or location manipulatable. In other words, someone from China may or may not be able to set Baidu as their search engine. Those users with region specific search providers, please let us know what options are available to you!

[highlight style=’yellow’] Pro tip: [/highlight] You can also select which search engine you’d like to use when using BlackBerry 10s Universal Search feature shown below.