If you’ve got a BlackBerry 10 device or a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you may be aware of one of the best features of the platform, the ability to sideload Android apps on to your device. I’ve read many articles from nearly all the top BlackBerry blog sites about how easy and great it is. It seems like an easy enough process, yet I still have never done it. I probably never will. Here’s why.

Technological Infidelity

I think it’s awesome that you can sideload apps. In fact, it’s one of the things that makes BlackBerry 10 so awesome.  For some reason, however, it’s always seemed like cheating on my BlackBerry. I was talking to Lucas about this and compared it to being in a relationship with a person who doesn’t mind if it’s a little bit more open ended than what we’re all used to.

Imagine if your significant other was perfectly fine with you being with other people. That would be pretty awesome right? You would experience whole new levels of fun and excitement, as well as learn so much more. It would be a great time. However, if it were me, I would still think somewhere in the back of my mind that I’m being unfaithful to my true love. The girl I’m in a relationship currently has everything I need, and while all the extra stuff would be great, I don’t really need it.

It’s the same with BlackBerry. I know they are okay with us sideloading apps, and many other users are also OK with it as well. I’m simply not. BlackBerry 10 has what I need available as part of the OS or as a native or ported app. Why go elsewhere for a little bit of fun on the side? Fun that I could very much do without? Speaking of ported apps…

Mobile Piracy

Apps are made by people. Some of these apps are free, others cost money to download, and still others allow you to make purchases within the app itself. I used to be against paying for apps, but after meeting some developers and realizing that this is how they make their living, I’ve changed my mind.

Now I feel if I were to side load an app, whether it be one made by a young college student in his dorm room or a big corporation such as Netflix, that I’m participating in some form of piracy. Once again the argument could be made that BlackBerry has made this feature available, so there is technically no harm in it, however I can’t get past the feeling that I’m in violation some how.

What prevents these app developers from going through the easy as pie process of porting their apps to BlackBerry 10? We’ve all seen it done before, sometimes in practically no time at all. And even if they decide not to port, do we really need that one little application so much that we’re willing to meet in a digital dark alley and procure it through a mysterious being with an abundance .bar files in his trench coat?


What are your thoughts on side loading apps to BlackBerry 10 or the BlackBerry PlayBook? Drop me a comment below and let’s start a dialogue!