BlackBerry unveiled the Passport this week, and we’ve all seen it and some of us have held it, so we’re pretty familiar with its look by now. However, the folks over at BBIN somehow were given this solid black Passport at the Dubai unveiling and it has us all scratching our heads.

One of the stand out design features of the Passport is the solid piece of stainless steel that surrounds the device. It really adds a different level of sleekness to the phone, especially since it’s one piece that envelops the entire edge.

Everyone who attended the three launch events in Dubai, London, and Toronto received their very own Passport, and all of them had a silver stainless steel edge. Except this one. Check out the rest of the photos below, as well as yet another unboxing video.

What is this mysterious solid black Passport? Give me your theories in the comments!

DSCF4125 DSCF4129 DSCF4128DSCF4130