It’s no surprise that BlackBerry’s first smartphone developed in conjunction with Foxconn will be geared for emerging markets. What is news is the price range at which BlackBerry will attack these markets. According to remarks from BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen at CES, this device, codenamed Jakarta, will be priced at under $200 at launch. A very tempting and competitive price for those emerging markets. That wasn’t all though.

A second smartphone, one that seems to be a high end device, will be designed by BlackBerry, and launched in 2014 also. This is the device most BlackBerry fans in the western hemisphere hope reaches us sometime this year.

Chen reemphasized that BlackBerry’s core focus will be on enterprise over the next 18 months. His number one goal is getting the company to gain traction in that space before jumping back into the consumer market down the line.