BlackBerry CEO John Chen sat down with David Pogue for an interview during Yahoo Tech Mix at CES 2015.

Chen reiterated that BlackBerry’s network security model and encryption would have withstood the attack on Apple’s iCloud.

This security model is what makes BlackBerry the best choice for those who are concerned about their privacy and data loss mitigation. Chen points out, world leaders, including President Obama, use BlackBerry devices.

Chen recapped on the announcement of QNX being installed on over 50 million cars. He said the QNX automotive software was initially used for infotainment, but over time has been getting close to the mechanics of cars – like collision avoidance and braking systems.

Thorsten Heins, the former CEO of BlackBerry, “may have been in the company too long,” admits Chen. Without any “baggage” from the previous administration, Chen says he is able to focus on working for the shareholders.

“I love phones,” Chen said. But, he added, “I equally like making money.” Chen says his plan is working. In one year, he says, the company has gone from losing over $1 billion a quarter to earning $46 million.