BlackBerry’s new CEO, John Chen, has been quite blunt with his attempt at steering the BlackBerry ship back to profitability. In a recent interview with The Financial Post, Chen says he believes the company has a 50% chance at a successful comeback.

In order for BlackBerry to regain lost marketshare, Chen says the company’s success or failure is dependent upon how well he and his team execute.

Despite losing key corporate and government clients, Chen says they must remain positive and focused on “our heritage and roots — delivering enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile solutions.”

We’ve seen Chen begin commandeering BlackBerry to success with the recent Foxconn deal, which will aid in creating low-end devices such as the BlackBerry Z3. Furthermore, Chen and team is working to position BBM as a premier multi-platform communication tool in the consumer and enterprise environments.

Chen says he expects BlackBerry to stabilize financially by next year and then see consistent profitability by 2016.