BlackBerry’s return to its roots will undoubtedly lead to more physical QWERTY devices being made. At today’s BlackBerry Experience: New York City, CEO John Chen touched upon this fact, but assured us that BlackBerry will continue to make this touchscreen devices in the future. “The majority of phones will have keyboards, but there will be touchscreen devices,” he stated.

When these new touchscreen devices will arrive is a completely separate issue. We know BlackBerry will not be releasing any high-end touchscreen smartphone in 2014, as the goal is getting the Z3 and Classic out the door first. That doesn’t mean we won’t see any in 2015, or 2016 though, and that’s what Chen wants the Z-lovers to know. The Z3 will not be last touchscreen-only device BlackBerry makes, but we may have to wait a little bit to get our hands on another one, and that’s okay.

BlackBerry is staying in the handset business as long as Chen can make it profitable. He’s not going to keep making devices if they aren’t producing, so let’s hope the Z3 and Classic are hits where they need to be.