The rumors have been running rampant lately and today is no different. According to website the Chinese Government has placed an order for 2 million Q10’s. Here is the direct quote:

“Hong Kong (CCTV) Apr. 5/2013,

The Chinese Bureau of Economic and Cultural Development has signed an intent to purchase 2 million Blackberry Q10 handsets according to filials with FYD Enterprises in Macau.  

FYD (Fugyudum) Enterprises owns and operates a chain of for-profit educational faculties in nearby Guangdong and Yudumtu provinces as part of the mainland government’s recent economic liberalization initiatives in specified zones within these 2 provinces.

A source close to the company says the Q10’s will be distributed to the Faculties of Mobile Hacking and Cyber Warfare”


So what do you think? I am going to sit back and enjoy this rumor for what it is, a RUMOR. But it would be huge if it were true.

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Via  Stockhouse