Hello N4BB readers, I’d like to lead off my blog career at N4BB with a thank you to Lucas Atkins and team for giving me this opportunity. My primary profession is sales. My job requires I am reachable by mobile since I spend less than 3 days a month in an office and my assistant is in another country. With such a work life I’ve learned how to get the most of my mobile devices. I choose BlackBerry for these reasons:

  • It has the BEST physical keyboard (PKB) available on a smartphone.
  • AutoText / Word Substitution, it saves keystrokes, and it allows for a wide arrange of usages.
  • LED & Sound profiles. Anyone who has owned a BlackBerry knows the additive nature of the LED.
  • Email control! With BlackBerry one can delete emails “On Mailbox & Handheld” OR “On Handheld”, This is such a little thing, but it means so much.
  • Dialing phone numbers from websites/emails. Yes I know iPhone and Android can do that too, kinda. BlackBerry actually does it fully, if you see a link 555-555-5555 ext 555 BlackBerry will call 555-555-5555 pause then add 555 as the extension. iOS and Android just assume they read the number wrong and dial 555-555-5555 you are required to manually enter the extension, OR add said phone number to your address book for it to auto-dial, this little thing goes a long way in my business.
  • Keyboard Short cuts. As a PKB user if you haven’t taken the time to learn the Keyboard shortcuts available to you, keep returning to N4BB, there will be many Blog posts to help you maximize the usage of these powerful time savers.
  • Swappable Batteries; Yes other manufacturers offer them too, and I would not really have considered this a feature if I didn’t also have an iPhone, not having a swappable battery available makes me realize how important it is that BlackBerry chooses to be functional first.
  • Data Compression! My BIS enabled BlackBerry with 6 email addresses including my work address and over 100 BBM contacts uses less data in 3 days when I travel to the US than my iPhone does in a single day with only 1 email address. Paying $1/MB of data while traveling, BlackBerry has saved me money. BlackBerry does not require me to restrict my usage, I don’t have to over pay for my data for fear my device will use too much.
  • TrackPad. A single point for my thumb to rest and give me access to my entire screen, perfect fine detailed access for highlighting text, selecting items, going to action! You always are pressing the same location with your thumb, never making your screen smudgy or oily, never covering vital information as you reach your hand across the screen, the trackpad makes using a BlackBerry’s smaller screen enjoyable. It maximizes the available real estate.

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without BBM. My social circle is comprised primarily of BlackBerry People. My best friends and family are all there at the tip of my finders in a wonderful little social network sharing pictures, voice notes, files, and videos. With BBM Music we can find and share music comment on each other’s selections and have fun finding new music. BlackBerry Messenger is more than just an Instant messenger with delivered and read notifications.


BBM is a way to really feel like you’re a part of each other’s lives, creating groups and multi-user chats to plan things and be social, using status updates to let people know what you are feeling, or doing, and giving that little reminder to reach out and say hey.

It is all of these reasons, and many other small ones that can be taken for granted as to why I choose BlackBerry and I believe in RIM. Why have you chosen BlackBerry? What is it about the future of BlackBerry 10 that will keep you with the brand?