Citysearch has released a completely redesigned version of their ‘Mobile by Citysearch’ app for BlackBerry. Citysearch lets you find the best places to eat, drink, shop, and relax where ever you go.

Here are the changes in the new Citysearch app:

  • Simplified browsing – Streamlined navigation makes it easier for users to explore their favorite restaurants, bars, shopping locations, spas, and other local services;
  • One-touch capabilities  Editor’s Picks and Recent Reviews are only a click away, plus options like contacting a business, mapping an address, and saving a location to your contacts are now in a more simplified format;
  • GPS enhancements  Users can use GPS to set their current location on GPS-enabled devices;
  • Keyword filters Narrow down services by keyword – need a fix for that late night pizza craving? Users can filter by “pizza” under the Restaurants tab.
“We are committed to making our mobile app the best user experience across any device – be it BlackBerry, Android or iPhone – and, based on great feedback from our BlackBerry users, we overhauled the app to make it more robust,” said Bardia Dejban, Director of Mobile for Citysearch.  “With this new release we have transformed a browser-like experience into a solid native app, keeping the user’s experience within a small number of screens to streamline the experience.”

Citysearch mobile app is supported on all BlackBerry devices. You can get this free app from Citysearch or in App World