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Collaborate on Files During BBM Video in BlackBerry 10

By now most people know that BlackBerry 10 will feature a revamped BlackBerry Messenger. There won’t solely be a new UI to BBM. No, there will be many new features, one of which includes BBM Video chatting.

Way back during BlackBerry Jam Americas, a promo video leaked. The video gave us the first look at the elusive full QWERTY keyboard N-Series and further insight into BlackBerry 10.

One thing most media missed (including ourselves) was the small glimpse of BBM Video chat. If you re-watch the video below you’ll briefly see BBM Video in action.

To our surprise it’s showing one user who is sending the other user a word document. After reaching out to a few sources, we’ve confirmed that when engaged in a BBM Video chat you will be able to send and collaborate on files in real-time.

Re-watch the video below and take a gander at file sharing during BBM Video chat:

Thanks Javier!

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