Do you Live in Canada?

Do you have a BlackBerry 7.1 device? ( type myver in a blank email document and look for or something near that)

If so you’re in luck! Download Anti Theft with Phone Tracer

This App usually costs $1.99 by DAN INFO TECH, but we graciously get to enjoy Features such as – Auto send sms when unauthorized sim is inserted

– Whitelisting of Unlimited sim cards – Send sms to whitelisted phone numbers

– Autolock after sending sms – Last known location (GPS coordinates) is intimated to you via sms to locate the Sim Card

Protect your phone in case of Theft or in case you have misplaced your device and SIM is changed. Get Instant alerted through a SMS if Anyone changes your SIM card. SMS Alert also contains the map coordinates of last known location of the device. No more worries in case someone steals your device or you misplace it somewhere The best Anti Theft application available in the App World™ is here to protect your device!

If you’ve used this App in the past, or love the idea let us know!